One Baltimore #36, Losing Control

2/10/20 Content warning: description of a first-hand experience of gun violence in the first paragraph below, and some other, less graphic descriptions of violence throughout. “...I was struck from behind a severe blow on the back of the head, which would have knocked me down, but the crowd which had gathered round us, some thirty … Continue reading One Baltimore #36, Losing Control

One Baltimore #35, Jill P. Carter & The 7th

**SPECIAL EARLY EDITION** 1/30/20 In five days, on Tuesday, 2/4, voters in Maryland’s 7th District -- covering portions of Baltimore City, Baltimore County, and Howard County (to see if that includes you: -- will choose a new representative to send to Congress in place of the late Elijah Cummings. Well, technically this is only … Continue reading One Baltimore #35, Jill P. Carter & The 7th

One Baltimore #34, The Raid, Part 4

1/27/20 Up until now, no matter how much material I’ve had on a given topic, I’ve worked hard to trim it down to one or two columns. Not this time. There’s just too much story here, and each new layer has needed the previous ones in order to properly unfold. In part one (, my … Continue reading One Baltimore #34, The Raid, Part 4

One Baltimore #30, Making A Secret Life

12/30/19 I’ve been in love with the American Visionary Art Museum since I was a teenager. I remember one of the first exhibits I saw there. There was a little set of embroidered pieces showing domestic scenes and pastoral views. Lovely, but they didn’t seem like much to me until I read the placard alongside … Continue reading One Baltimore #30, Making A Secret Life