One Baltimore #29, Bringing Back the Sun

12/26/19 Apologies for the delay on this one! And happy winter holidays to all who are celebrating. 🙂 Every year, a group of dear friends and I spend the winter solstice together. I don’t have many reliable rituals in my life, but this is one I really cherish. The party starts large, then dwindles down … Continue reading One Baltimore #29, Bringing Back the Sun

One Baltimore #27, Spending Ourselves

12/9/19 This column has been a mini-research-project-of-the-week for a while now… it’s satisfying to do that, but PHEW, a lot of work too, and not necessarily what I intended to be doing non-stop when I started out. One thing I’ve always liked about the column format is that it can be different from week to … Continue reading One Baltimore #27, Spending Ourselves

One Baltimore #10, Borders

7/15/19 I talked a bit about the Charm City Kitty Club, that queer theater group I’m in, a few weeks ago ( Each of our shows features a variety of artists from our community, interspersed with short scenes around a theme. Back in the late winter, through our usual messy but productive collective creative process, … Continue reading One Baltimore #10, Borders

One Baltimore #4, Schools

5/26/19 My people tend to be the uncategorizable, those who cross social groups, genders, class boundaries and the like. I recently encountered such a person in Shawn Leak, and it’s been absolutely wonderful comparing notes about Baltimore and their home, DC. While the specifics of our upbringings vary greatly, we both moved through an odd … Continue reading One Baltimore #4, Schools

One Baltimore #2, Waves

5/11/19 I had a wonderful conversation last week with my friend Jason Weixelbaum. He’s got a doctorate in history, with a focus on when and how big changes happen. We talked about how economies experience regular waves over time, up and down. The history-watchers track those waves, calculate the average time between the crests, and … Continue reading One Baltimore #2, Waves