One Baltimore #44: ICE, ICE, Oy Vey

7/21/20 Welcome back, y’all. Apologies for the silence; as I suspected, things have remained too hectic for regular long-form writing. But events this week are too momentous to ignore. I’ve got a few big points on my mind, so let’s jump right in. Last week, as protests in Portland over police misconduct began to die … Continue reading One Baltimore #44: ICE, ICE, Oy Vey

UPDATE: Regaining Control

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about why Baltimore City's police force was taken over by the state in 1860 ( and how and why advocates are fighting to get it back ( Well, on Monday, Senator Carter DID submit a bill for local control to the state legislature, SB 1057 (! However, because … Continue reading UPDATE: Regaining Control

One Baltimore #37, Regaining Control

2/17/20 In last week’s column (, I delved into why the State of Maryland took over the Baltimore Police Department after a decade of elections marred by violence. It made sense at the time… but that time was a full hundred and sixty years ago, and the state never gave us back full authority over … Continue reading One Baltimore #37, Regaining Control

One Baltimore #36, Losing Control

2/10/20 Content warning: description of a first-hand experience of gun violence in the first paragraph below, and some other, less graphic descriptions of violence throughout. “...I was struck from behind a severe blow on the back of the head, which would have knocked me down, but the crowd which had gathered round us, some thirty … Continue reading One Baltimore #36, Losing Control

One Baltimore #2, Waves

5/11/19 I had a wonderful conversation last week with my friend Jason Weixelbaum. He’s got a doctorate in history, with a focus on when and how big changes happen. We talked about how economies experience regular waves over time, up and down. The history-watchers track those waves, calculate the average time between the crests, and … Continue reading One Baltimore #2, Waves