One Baltimore #22, Baltimore Comic-Con

10/21/19 This past weekend, I braved the marathon and the rain to hang out with friends who were vending handmade reusable cloth menstrual pads (more on them below) at Baltimore Comic-Con. Now in its 20th year, the convention brings together hundreds of artists, from big name professionals to fans taking their first shot at selling … Continue reading One Baltimore #22, Baltimore Comic-Con

One Baltimore #19, The Accused

9/23/19 “I wouldn't raise cockroaches in that place. I preferred working at the animal and medical waste facility. I recall everything being grimy, it was all under-lit… can a building be malevolent? Like, can a building hate you? Just being in it made me tired in my soul. The inmates are hostile, and the guards … Continue reading One Baltimore #19, The Accused

One Baltimore #18, The Comptroller

9/18/19 Last Thursday, Councilman Bill Henry was kind enough to sit down with me to talk about his run for Baltimore City Comptroller against Joan M. Pratt, who’s held the position for the last 23 years. Full disclosure, I’ve known Bill for many years thanks to his volunteer work in the local arts community and … Continue reading One Baltimore #18, The Comptroller

One Baltimore #16, Welcoming Committee

9/3/19 A couple of weeks ago, local organizer and activist Cristi Linn asked me if I would co-present on the subject of solidarity with Phil Ateto at a meeting to work on a response to the fact that the Republicans of the U.S. House of Representatives are coming to town for their annual fall retreat … Continue reading One Baltimore #16, Welcoming Committee

One Baltimore #14, The Arrest

8/13/19 So, Opal, how was getting arrested? Pretty cool overall, or dehumanizing and in flagrant violation of BPD’s policy which the The Baltimore Transgender Alliance and other advocates worked tirelessly to put into place ( This week, the fourth and final part of my interview series with Opal Phoenix on her experiences at the JHU … Continue reading One Baltimore #14, The Arrest

One Baltimore #13, The Barricade

8/9/19        Come with me once more, friends, to the JHU Sit-in. It’s 4am on Wednesday, May 8th, 2019. The sounds are those of spirited singing, hushed talk, passionate chanting, and breaking glass. A refresher: Johns Hopkins University succeeded this year in its bid to pass legislation empowering it to form its own … Continue reading One Baltimore #13, The Barricade