One Baltimore #25, Kirwan

11/25/19 In the last two columns, we’ve seen Baltimore City’s schools through the eyes of local teachers, and it’s no pretty picture. What would it take to reshape such a struggling system into something great? Just five little things, according to a man named Kirwan and his pals. Ok, five huge things made up of … Continue reading One Baltimore #25, Kirwan

One Baltimore #24, The Toll

11/18/19 Last column, (, Baltimore City teachers shared the best things (unanimously: the kids!) and the hardest things (inflexible administrators, deteriorating buildings, overwhelming workloads, traumatized students, workplace bullies) about the job. This week, we’re going to look at how all of it impacts the well-being of our educators, and what we can do about it. … Continue reading One Baltimore #24, The Toll

One Baltimore #4, Schools

5/26/19 My people tend to be the uncategorizable, those who cross social groups, genders, class boundaries and the like. I recently encountered such a person in Shawn Leak, and it’s been absolutely wonderful comparing notes about Baltimore and their home, DC. While the specifics of our upbringings vary greatly, we both moved through an odd … Continue reading One Baltimore #4, Schools