One Baltimore #44: ICE, ICE, Oy Vey

7/21/20 Welcome back, y’all. Apologies for the silence; as I suspected, things have remained too hectic for regular long-form writing. But events this week are too momentous to ignore. I’ve got a few big points on my mind, so let’s jump right in. Last week, as protests in Portland over police misconduct began to die … Continue reading One Baltimore #44: ICE, ICE, Oy Vey

One Baltimore #10, Borders

7/15/19 I talked a bit about the Charm City Kitty Club, that queer theater group I’m in, a few weeks ago ( Each of our shows features a variety of artists from our community, interspersed with short scenes around a theme. Back in the late winter, through our usual messy but productive collective creative process, … Continue reading One Baltimore #10, Borders