One Baltimore #45: Insurrection & The Session

1/13/21 Hey folks! Been a while. Any current events to speak of? Well, last week there was that thing with the MAGA militia that nearly kidnapped/killed half of Congress. Also, the Maryland General Assembly convened for the 2021 state legislative session today. Wheeeere to start? Insurrection first. I've been trying to write about the situation … Continue reading One Baltimore #45: Insurrection & The Session

One Baltimore #44: ICE, ICE, Oy Vey

7/21/20 Welcome back, y’all. Apologies for the silence; as I suspected, things have remained too hectic for regular long-form writing. But events this week are too momentous to ignore. I’ve got a few big points on my mind, so let’s jump right in. Last week, as protests in Portland over police misconduct began to die … Continue reading One Baltimore #44: ICE, ICE, Oy Vey

One Baltimore #43: The Protests of May 30th

6/1/20 The primary election is tomorrow!! I wrote about it in last week’s column (, but I want to expand a little on something I mentioned -- I urge you not to vote for Nick Mosby for City Council President. I could talk about a couple different reasons why, but the biggest by far is … Continue reading One Baltimore #43: The Protests of May 30th

One Baltimore #29, Bringing Back the Sun

12/26/19 Apologies for the delay on this one! And happy winter holidays to all who are celebrating. 🙂 Every year, a group of dear friends and I spend the winter solstice together. I don’t have many reliable rituals in my life, but this is one I really cherish. The party starts large, then dwindles down … Continue reading One Baltimore #29, Bringing Back the Sun

One Baltimore #27, Spending Ourselves

12/9/19 This column has been a mini-research-project-of-the-week for a while now… it’s satisfying to do that, but PHEW, a lot of work too, and not necessarily what I intended to be doing non-stop when I started out. One thing I’ve always liked about the column format is that it can be different from week to … Continue reading One Baltimore #27, Spending Ourselves

One Baltimore #16, Welcoming Committee

9/3/19 A couple of weeks ago, local organizer and activist Cristi Linn asked me if I would co-present on the subject of solidarity with Phil Ateto at a meeting to work on a response to the fact that the Republicans of the U.S. House of Representatives are coming to town for their annual fall retreat … Continue reading One Baltimore #16, Welcoming Committee

One Baltimore #2, Waves

5/11/19 I had a wonderful conversation last week with my friend Jason Weixelbaum. He’s got a doctorate in history, with a focus on when and how big changes happen. We talked about how economies experience regular waves over time, up and down. The history-watchers track those waves, calculate the average time between the crests, and … Continue reading One Baltimore #2, Waves