**Reminder & Announcement**


Ballots for the special general election for the Maryland 7th Congressional District, the U.S. House seat formerly held by Rep. Elijah Cummings, are due TODAY by postmark in the mail or in person.

If you live in the district, you should have received an envelope in the mail with the materials shown below. The pictured vote for Kweisi Mfume is my addition — while I stumped for Jill Carter in the special primary in February (https://one-baltimore.org/2020/01/30/one-baltimore-35-jill-p-carter-the-7th/), I vastly prefer Mfume to his opponent Kimberly Klacik, the MAGA darling of right-wing MD Twitter and of Trump.

No postage required to vote with the provided envelope, I’m just gonna drop this in a mailbox (if it’s later in the day, past when they pick up from the mailboxes, you can go to the post office in person). If you’re in the city and don’t have your ballot, can’t get it in the mail, or need to vote in person for another reason, you can go to Edmondson-Westside High School at 501 N. Athol Ave. until 8pm today.
We’ll get another chance to vote on this seat during the primary on June 2nd, when the candidates for the next four years will be determined, and I’ll encourage you again then to vote for Carter. This special election is just to cover the 7th District vacancy through the end of 2020 with either Mfume or Klacik. Even though it’s just for eight months, it’s such an important time right now, we shouldn’t sleep on it.

Speaking of the June 2nd primary, it’s been heavily on my mind! Our choices for Mayor, Comptroller, and City Council will reverberate, maybe for a long time. And again, this could hardly be a more important time. So, I’m going to be re-starting One Baltimore in May. I’m going to republish my columns so far on the races at hand, post the second half of my interview with Mayoral candidate Rikki Vaughn (part 1 was my last column before I went on hiatus due to the COVID crisis:https://one-baltimore.org/2020/03/16/one-baltimore-41-rikki-vaughn-part-one/ ) and tryyy to run new ones on Thiru Vignarajah and Brandon Scott before it’s time to fill in the little bubble with our choice for Mayor. I just wish I had time to speak more about the other Council races!

Photo: I have no idea if it’s technically legal for me to be posting a picture of my ballot or not.

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