Column delayed to mid-week

Hey hey hey, apologies for the short notice, but One Baltimore will be delayed this week. I’m on vacation with a bunch of cool people, including some of my very favorite people, and I’m not trying to rush out an underwhelming piece when I’m meant to be relaxing.

I’m real excited about the piece this week tho!! Opal and I finished talking about the arrests at the JHU Sit-in, I just need to type it all up. Not sure if I need one day or a couple days, but I’m very much looking forward to sharing.

In other news, tomorrow at 9am, the City Council will have its first meeting on Councilman Bill Henry’s bill to ban a lot of types of carryout plastic bags in Baltimore City ( I know it sounds like a small step in some ways and like a big change in others, that it’s easy to see it as not enough or too much.

My take is that we must, we must, we must move past single-use petroleum-based products. It’s not optional We are not the first people to take steps like this, we survived fine without these bags before, they’re clogging our waterways, contributing to climate change, and are a ridiculous, ugly, unhealthy, unsustainable waste. A successful local bill could help pave the way for state action and more.

The writers have worked hard to balance this bill to be fair to small businesses and people on govt benefits, and to protect safety in terms of like raw meat and such. So, if you can, please consider stopping by the hearing and writing to your Council rep. It makes a difference. Thx!

Photo: Killin’ it at keeping a professional journalistic distance from my subject.

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