A Tile for CASA from OB

I’ve got a proposition for y’all! CASA (*amazing* local immigrant services/advocacy group) is building an education & employment center in Highlandtown (in a cool old theater) that will serve 11k kids and adults annually. It would be a *really* great thing for Baltimore. They’re selling engraved tiles to raise funds, get one with me.

I almost got one of the lil $100 tiles, but then I realized that at the $750 level you get a BIGASS paver, two feet by two feet! Dang! And it’d be right out front of the building, where tons of people will pass it every single day! That’s too good a deal to miss, especially for a good cause!

So here’s the deal — I’ll chip in $250. Y’all chip in $500. The tile will read:

From the readers
and the writer of
with love and solidarity
for the CASA community.

It juuuuust fits in the character/spacing requirements. And I already checked if it was too obnoxious to include a url and the organizer said it was cool.

Tile orders are due in ONE WEEK, on Wed., 7/31! You can paypal me at macroglossus@gmail.com, or, if you’d like to use another service or hmu in person, just PM me. Let’s do thiiiiis.

If people offer to donate more than $750, we can do another, smaller tile too!

CASA is an exemplary model of how to uplift and organize your community and supporters. They’re doing so, so much right now, including fighting and frustrating ICE. Whether you can support them financially or not, def. check them out.

If you wanna order your own tile for yourself, your beloved, your business, whatever: https://wearecasa.org/campaigns/baltimore-capital-campaign

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