This week’s One Baltimore column will be an interview with local activist Opal Phoenix about her experience with the sit-in against private police at JHU this spring (as well as with the police in general), and will be released as a special two-part edition mid-week.

I’ve got the interview with Opal recorded and partially transcribed, and I hate to delay. However, after talking it over with my boss (me), we agreed that the only thing that made sense was to spend my time now packing and my time on the road this week writing.

For context, in case you missed the most recent column (, Opal and I are going to El Paso, TX to witness and see if we can give any aid to the situation at the border, prior to the big nation-wide rallies planned for next week by Lights for Liberty (there are Baltimore events up now, at City Hall and in Towson

We’ll be leaving in the late evening tomorrow, after the JHU Sit-In’s rally/march starting at 7pm in Wyman Park Dell ( Please come join us! Our institutions of learning should not be militarized, policing should not be privatized, this is not OK!!

Plus it would be nice to see you before we leave.

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